Straw pellet and straw granulate are professional animal bedding for: hens, ducks, turkeys, horses, cows, home animals. Popular on demanding markets (especially German, Danish and Swiss)

Thanks to a special production process, our animal bedding has thermoactive properties and is safe for animal health. It has a lot of advantages, which makes it popular – on the demanding Western European markets. Below you will find some of the reasons why straw granulate leads ahead of traditional straw.



As a result of mechanical harvesting, straw contains considerable amounts of dust and sand, not to mention weed seeds, pathogenic fungi and mold – straw as a litter create a high risk for animal health and risk of animal breeding increased costs.

Professional animal bedding is prepared in the way that prevents unwanted microorganisms into breeding facilities. Dust is extracted from the bedding during the production process, which has a beneficial influence on animal health and ensure comfortable work conditions for the employees . Professional animal bedding thanks to a low moisture content, has a higher absorptivity, which improves the microclimate in breeding facilities.


Gainful properties of straw granulate first and foremost: