Why is it worth using straw granulate for animals?

Naturalness – straw comes from the local farmers. Our bedding for poultry, horses and other animals is free from chemical additives such as binding agents.

Perfect absorptiveness (up to 400%) – thanks to a low moisture content (up to 10%) our bedding additionally absorbs smell and ammonia vapours – reduces unpleasant odour and do not cause scalds off.

Low dustiness – thanks to removal of fine contamination particles prior to production process, it makes granulate almost free from dust.

Hygienics – during the production process bacteria, fungi, mold, pests and other potential pathogens are neutralized (prevents from disease growth and is hypoalergic).

Optimal shape – granulate fragmentation are adjusted to needs of small animals, while lack of sharp edges minimizes injuries.

Lower losses of breeding stock – lack of dust and unwanted microorganisms (fewer diseases) and lower risk of infections (fewer scalds off and mechanically inflicted injuries) translate into lower mortality rate of poultry and have a positive influence on animal wellbeing.

High quality manure – used granulate undergo fast composting and can be used as high quality organic manure (free from weed spores, quickly decomposing in the soil) and as a substrate to be used in biogas generating plants.

Regular deliveries – granulate can be delivered at any time, irrespective of the season (no need to stock it and store in larger quantities).

Bedding needs fewer replacements – granulate allow to reduce waste in the farmstead (manure reduced by at least 50%) as well as to cut down on frequent replacements of the bedding.

Follow-up costs reduce – granulate are ready for use (do not require preparation, that is fragmentation as straw does), is less work consuming (reduces time devoted to cleaning and waste disposal) and allows to enhance storage area.

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