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BLOG: Apolonia Maine Coon Cat


Express shipment as usual, without any problems. I highly recommend the litter and this Allegro user! Allegro - 12 jul 2017
This is high quality bedding. Our guinea pig is happy. Great quality. Fast shipment. I recommend it. Allegro - 26 feb 2017
Straw granulate consistent with the description. Super granulate, super quality. Mega fast shipping. I highly recommend it. Allegro - 26 feb 2017
Great contact, I received the parcel the next day. It is the best cat bedding so far, and I have tried many of them. Bentonite or wood will never be used in Garfield’s litter box. I would recommend the vendor and the product. I will return. Allegro - 2 dec 2016
My mom tested your products for kittens. She received 2 types: granulate and litter. The litter meets the essential requirements. However, when compared with other products, its quality surpasses them. The main advantages noted by my mom: - the smell - grass - neutralizes odours (incomparable with other litters) - maintaining cleanliness - it does not spread and produces no dust - it can be burnt in the stove. - finally, the cat with issues about accepting other products has accepted the litter box filled with straw litter. Comparing both products, she would recommend the litter because it is much better than the granulate. Mom for sure will buy your product. Thank you for test samples. Tomasz Rejmer (Facebook - 16 oct 2016, 05:36)